Your Next Daily Habit

The reusable, easy-to-use, affordable, and effective device that you can rely on for daily use and safe cleaning.

Easy & Safe to Use

EarBuddy’s materials are safe for the ears and its cleaning mechanism is easy to operate, avoiding any harm to your eardrum.

Reusable & Ecofriendly

Ditch your single-use cotton swabs and easily clean your EarBuddy with soap and water: it will be ready for your next use.

Patented Technology

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EarBuddy removes irritating wax, water, dust and dirt in your ear through a soft and safe inflatable tip cleaning system.

How it works?

Tira l’orecchio per raddrizzare il canale uditivo

Giralo in modo che la Tacchetta sia in alto (indica il verso di piegatura)

Infila nell’orecchio e gonfialo internamente quanto basta finchè aderisca

Ritrai tenendolo gonfio

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